Lightweight Sales CRM Big Impact

Keep your remote or inside sales team selling with an easy-to-use CRM built just for small sales teams.

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With SalesMix
CRM you get


Improvement in lead conversion rates.


Revenue increase per sales person.


Improvement in customer retention.


Shorter sales cycles.


Decreased sales and marketing costs.

Organize your sales pipeline with our user-friendly Tasks feature

Assign custom tasks to each individual leads - email follow-ups, SMS & calling, LinkedIn messaging, and more!

Easily Manage
Your Deal Pipeline

Add, organize, track, prioritize, and move your deals towards “Closed Won”.
Mark leads as warming, hot, or cold
Focus on the deals that are most likely to convert
Create as many deal pipelines as you
want to organize your product lines,
territories, renewal business...the sky is the limit.

Clever Contact &
Lead Management

Track your prospects through the sales pipeline, so that you know where you stand with each lead
Automate scheduled task alerts to follow up with each prospect exactly when you're supposed to
Never forget where you left your last conversation with contact history and note taking features.
SalesMix CRM takes the weight of keeping track of tasks manually off of your sales team, freeing them to prospect more!

Improve sales outreach results
with smart suggestions

Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.
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Easy-to-Follow Schedule

Store every little detail about every single prospect & never lose an important selling point that matters.
Assign tasks that appear as they need to get done
Never forget a follow-up with automated reminders
Keep track of many prospects at once in a dynamic sales environment, so you don't lose any leads due to disorganization

Track Prospects Through the Pipeline

The average sales person spends only a day per week selling. SalesMix tracks important stats like clicks, opens, replies, and follow-up timing so your sales meeting calendar is fully booked
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Never Miss a
follow-up again

Lost leads costing you money? Let SalesMix auto-schedule your follow-ups for EACH prospect so you aren't left questioning what 'could have' been. Turn lost leads into closed-won
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Work together
as one team

Still have questions? Our team is here offering live support so that you can offer your leads timely feedback. When your team's communication is integrated and efficient, you close more deals!
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Integrate your
sales toolset

SalesMix is a light weight CRM for a heavy-hitting sales team. Our integrated multi-channel campaigns help you track prospects through any sales channel and every stage of the deal process
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More Than CRM, More Like an
Online Collaboration Suite

Being a part of the Salesmix ecosystem, our operational CRM is cross-integrated with the rest of the SalesMixt tools to give you a complete online collaboration, automation, and marketing platform - a single platform to run your business on.
CRM Store
Sales Intelligence
Time Management tools
Online Workspace
Call Tracking
Robotic Automation
Instead of dozens of processes, activities, and document flows often happening randomly and chaotically, you will get a single, streamlined process - done from start to finish. For the CRM price that’s $0, you will finally get a tool that gives you, the manager, a clear picture of your sales and quick access to any piece of information or data you might need.

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Autopilot your cold email outreach with the help of automated follow-ups.
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