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SalesMix helps you scale your business through unlimited warmup, automated campaigns, and so much more- all in one place. 
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SalesMix works with every major email provider!

What can SalesMix
do for you?

A full-cycle sales engagement platform that makes your reps perform better, close more deals and break through sales quotas. Equipped with warmup, delivery enhancer, leads search, multi-channel outreach, crm and a unified inbox you can stay updated on every prospect.
Email Outreach at the best price
From creating prospects to increasing sales
Make your own custom prospect list
Email Outreach at the best price
From creating prospects to increasing sales
Email Outreach at the best price

The Process

Create multi-channel campaigns effortlessly.

Create multi-channel campaigns, automate your follow-ups, and reach thousands of people daily. SalesMix's unique peer-to-peer warmup system improves your email reputation and ensures the highest deliverability for your emails. All, so that your emails don't land in SPAM!

Collaborate with your sales team on the go.

Our distinctive workspace feature allows you to assign tasks, so you can organize and collaborate with your sales team in one place. Add members to your workspace, set permissions, and build a formidable sales team!
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Track & Engage with individual prospects.

Track individual prospects as they move through the sales cycle. Chase high-ticket clients and close more deals on the go. 
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Sales made

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Boost your Opens & Conversions
to close more Deals.

We have built a 360-degree sales platform to help you scale your business.
Do less, earn more with SalesMix.
Are you still skeptical about why you should choose SalesMix over every other sales automation platform out there? Here are five reasons why SalesMix is worth your time, money, and effort.
It's affordable
It's easy to use
It saves valuable time and effort
It helps you land in inbox
It helps you make more money

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Email Warmup
Email Warmup
Email Warmup
Email Warmup
Email Warmup
Email Warmup

Created  For Marketers, Business Owners & Sales Teams

Accelerate your growth with an affordable and easy-to-use sales and CRM platform.

SalesMix offers a wide variety of features!
Automate outbound campaigns
A/B testing
Prospects view
Email template
Email Warmup
Email personalization
Respond to leads
Advanced scheduling
& throttling
Automated email
Email deliverability
Advanced Analytics
Collaborate with team members
Email deliverability
setup assistant
Coonect mail accounts from
any SMTP provider



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Create campaigns and grow your customer base.
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Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Warmup
Email Sending limit 25K


Expand your business, warm up your emails and close more deals.
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Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Warmup
Email Sending limit 50K


Personalize your outbound content and optimize your campaigns and sell more.
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Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Warmup
Email Sending limit 100K


Want to use SalesMix for your whole company and collaborate on the go?
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Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Warmup
Send 100K+ emails

Frequently asked question

Learn more about how SalesMix works- we answer some frequently asked questions from our clients.
Does SalesMix offer email warmup?
SalesMix is a 360-degree sales platform that offers Email Warmup. It also allows you to automate your email campaigns, send automatic LinkedIn messages, schedule calls and SMS, track prospects, and much more. It is an all-in-one solution for those looking to scale their business rapidly.
Can I purchase leads through SalesMix and verify them?
Our built-in lead search system enables you to filter by multiple criteria to find and build lists that best fit your USP. SalesMix also comes with a built-in lead verification system. While the in-purchase leads we offer are already verified, through this tool, you can upload your CSV of leads and get them verified to ensure the highest possible deliverability for your campaigns.
Can I collaborate with my sales team through SalesMix?
Our distinctive workspace feature enables you to add team members to your account and assign them unique roles. Through this, your sales team can create, run and manage your campaigns. SalesMix Workspace makes collaboration more effortless than ever.
How many email accounts can I connect to one SalesMix account?
While there is no limit to the number of email accounts you connect to our system, depending on the pricing tier you are on, there is a monthly sending cap for the number of emails you send out. For more details on the SalesMix pricing structure, visit here. 

See what our clients have to say

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"The email warmup really works! Before using SalesMix, I was consistently getting no more than 5-10% open rates for all of my email  campaigns. Now I get 60-70% open rates!"
Dave Valliere
Marketing Manager
“I'm never using any other email warmup or campaign automation service again. We'll be using SalesMix for all our campaigns from here on out!”

Cary Rodgers
Growth Specialist
“Managing prospects have become so much easier with SalesMix now. I can assign deal values and individual tasks for each prospect. I always know who's bringing in how much value.”
Penny Aguilar
Marketing Manager
“If SalesMix was around before, I would've switched a lot earlier. The warmup tool really works. The platform is totally worth the money.” 

Kean Jacob
Development Manager

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