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Channels we provide

Raise your chances of a reply by reaching out on multiple channels. Automated campaigns, with a uniquely human touch. Use personalized variables to let each prospect know that they're more than just a number.
Unlimited email warming to improve deliverability, along with thousands of emails per month. Automated email campaigns and follow-ups. Plus analytics for tracking deliverability, clicks, opens, and responses.
SMS & Calling
Connect over the phone with SMS & in-platform calling. Schedule calls, send texts, and dial out to your leads all without having to leave the SalesMix page.
Use one of the best professional social networking sites to reach more leads and grow your network & partnerships. Automate LinkedIn messaging from the SalesMix platform.
Need to use another channel? Zoom? Teams? Slack? Discord? Or even an in-person meeting? Auto-schedule these tasks on our platform so that you can view all upcoming tasks, and receive day-of reminders.

Send Automated Emails

Have a long list of prospects you want to reach out to? Send hundreds and thousands of hyper-personalized emails on auto-pilot!


Don't limit yourself to one channel of sales outreach. Here are some advantages of multi-channel campaigns
Cast a wide net
Find relevant, high quality leads
No more time wasted searching for a prospect's email, just use a different channel

Task scheduling
made easy

Add tasks, set due dates and mark when completed for individual prospects. Go beyond and close that deal!
Keep track of prospects
Never forget a task
Saved time & effort

Automated LinkedIn follow up

Start a conversation via email and follow up on LinkedIn. 

Multichannel sequences

Connect with your prospects via multiple channels - send personal emails and follow-ups, reach out to your prospects automatically on LinkedIn, schedule calls, send SMS and WhatsApp messages.
Personal emails, calls, tasks, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn outreach & Zapier steps;
Multiple email accounts per sequence: add as many emails to one sequence as you need to reach out bigger audience;
Email and sequence templates;
A/B testing for email steps;
LinkedIn steps for Connect requests, Messages, View profile, InMail, and recent posts likes;
Custom schedules with flexible setup;
Branded links: track opens, clicks and opt-out with your oun domain;
Vidyard video integration in email step;
Smart reply detection and classification: interested, not interested, meeting booked, out of office, etc.
Dynamic, conditional & custom variables for email, SMS, LinkedIn messages, and WhatsApp steps;
Calendar integration for seamless meeting bookings.

Marketing Roadmap

Improve sales outreach results
with smart suggestions

Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages, and improve team performance.
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What our users say about us

As someone who used LinkedIn a lot in the first place, I was pleasantly surprised to find SalesMix. I was able to leverage my existing connections and reputation on LinkedIn to tap into a whole new sales channel with very little extra work.
Joli Akinda
Following up with just emails sucks. Glad they got the SMS and calling going. Seeing some good results.
Kai Stern
Goodbye Google Calendar. I can schedule tasks to appear on here whenever I need them. Thanks SalesMix!
Maren Stalwerth

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Multi-channel campaigns? Maybe you'll find an answer below
What is the advantage of Multi-channel campaigns? Email is working fine for me
It's really hard to say how "fine" email is working alone without trying Multi-channel campaigns. We guarantee there are clients out there who don't respond to emails, but who would respond to a LinkedIn message, or other channel. Don't leave leads out in the cold.
Why should I pay for SalesMix when I can run Multi-channel campaigns on my own?
It's true that you can run Multi-channel campaigns on your own, but often these become disorganized very fast. The larger your sales team grows, the more difficult it becomes to coordinate multi-channel campaigns. Save yourself the headache with our tasks page, which automatically notifies you of upcoming tasks, and tracks engagement across each channel.
Won't leads get annoyed with me bombarding them on multiple channels?
Probably not, a majority of missed opportunities are the simple result of people not seeing your message. Many leads may actually be grateful that you reached them with your extra effort via multiple channels. This shows commitment, and they will value the opportunity to work with you.
Which channel is the BEST?
It's hard to say which channel is the "best" until you've tried it. The most successful/fruitful channel may vary depending upon your messaging, campaign strategy, or business type. The best way to find out is to run some multi-channel campaigns!

Frequently asked question

Learn more about how SalesMix works- we answer some frequently asked questions from our clients.
Does SalesMix offer email warmup?
SalesMix is a 360-degree sales platform that offers Email Warmup. It also allows you to automate your email campaigns, send automatic LinkedIn messages, schedule calls and SMS, track prospects, and much more. It is an all-in-one solution for those looking to scale their business rapidly.
Can I purchase leads through SalesMix and verify them?
Our built-in lead search system enables you to filter by multiple criteria to find and build lists that best fit your USP. SalesMix also comes with a built-in lead verification system. While the in-purchase leads we offer are already verified, through this tool, you can upload your CSV of leads and get them verified to ensure the highest possible deliverability for your campaigns.
Can I collaborate with my sales team through SalesMix?
Our distinctive workspace feature enables you to add team members to your account and assign them unique roles. Through this, your sales team can create, run and manage your campaigns. SalesMix Workspace makes collaboration more effortless than ever.
How many email accounts can I connect to one SalesMix account?
While there is no limit to the number of email accounts you connect to our system, depending on the pricing tier you are on, there is a monthly sending cap for the number of emails you send out. For more details on the SalesMix pricing structure, visit here. 

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